Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas quality is essential for the long life of your engine generator or turbine. Gas conditioning systems can be made up of a number of different ancillary systems to provide a dry, clean gas stream to maximise engine life, increase service intervals, reduce engine wear and maintenance, increase time between oil changes and improve overall performance.

At Pressure Worx, we are specialists in gas drying and pressure control systems. We can custom design a solution to deliver a fuel gas dewpoint and pressure that meets the engine or turbine requirements. Typical systems can include:

Blowers (Compression)
Often gas supply pressures are insufficient to push the gas through the process equipment and meet the generator requirements. Pressure Worx can design and supply blower systems to boost the pressure. To find out more click here

Gas Drying / Dehumidification
Pressure Worx offer both refrigerative type dryers and also PSA/TSA dual column regenerative dryers when ultra low dew points are required. To find out more click here

Removing condensed and free liquids and particulate from gas streams is essential to the life of gas processing equipment. We can design and supply gas scrubbers/separators and coalescing filters to suit the application. To find out more click here

Gas Heating / Economisers
Prior to pressure reduction, or after chilling in a refrigerative dryer, gas heating can be required to supress gas dewpoint. Pressure Worx supply gas heaters and economisers to heat gas streams. To find out more click here

Pressure Reduction
Where gas supply pressure is to high for the process, Pressure Worx can design and supply pressure reduction skid to deliver gas at the right temperature and pressure to the process. To find out more click here