Gas Compression

Pressure Worx is an engineered solutions provider, offering specialised reciprocating and rotary compression packaged solutions. We will develop a tailored engineered solution to meet your needs. We strive to work closely with our customers to provide them the ultimate in ‘plug and play’ packaged compressor technology.

In working with you, Pressure Worx undertakes complete packaging responsibility for detailed design including pulsation studies, fabrication and equipment supply, certification, documentation and testing.

Installation assistance and commissioning engineers are available to install and set-up the package and complete plant life-cycle maintenance programs.”

Pressure Worx is an authorised Channel Partner for GE’s HSR product line. We have extensive experience in fuel gas booster applications for both gas turbines and gas engines. To find out more click here

Pressure Worx is an authorised packager for Ro-Flo, who are the leading global supplier of rotary sliding vane compressor units. We can provide new packages or provide full spares and service support for existing units in the field. To find out more click here

Pressure Worx are able to provide trained and experienced service engineers to assist you with your compressor service. We can support packages utilising GE ‘HSR’ [Gemini & Cameron] and Ro-Flo compressors with service requirements and spare parts. To find out more click here