Biogas is a renewable biofuel that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. It is usually captured in landfills, waste water treatment plants, anaerobic digesters or food waste processing. Capture and effective utilisation of biogas is great for the environment and reduces reliance on fossil fuels but requires biogas conditioning systems or biogas upgrading.

Biogas Conditioning Systems

Pressure Worx have extensive experience in all things biogas and can provide heat exchangers to cool or full biogas conditioning systems to remove moisture and condition the gas prior to generating renewable electricity, heat energy or alternative uses. We design and supply biogas conditioning systems to target reduction or removal of hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes and VOCs using specialty activated carbon filters and biological scrubbers.  Each landfill, waste water treatment plant or biogas digester presents a unique gas composition.  Pressure Worx can analyse your biogas composition and determine the most appropriate conditioning system for the characteristics of your site.

Biogas Upgrading

Pressure Worx promotes and supports Greenlane Biogas upgrading systems in Australasia. Greenlane is the global leader in supply of upgrading of biogas to biomethane or RNG (Renewable Natrual Gas). Pressure Worx bring local content, engineering design, supporting equipment and vast experience of the Greenlane product lines and their application to local markets.