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Designing custom heat exchangers for CIP systems

Whether a single pass heat exchanger with a fixed tubesheet, a multi-pass design with a floating tubeplate, or u-bundle design, we can provide the most economical and reliable heat exchanger design to meet your CIP systems requirements.

Published ago
H2S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with internal steam jacket

H2S Cooler for Madagascar

Pressure Worx is pleased to report that they have completed design, manufacture and testing of a large stainless steel H2S Cooler for one of the world’s largest Nickel refineries in Madagascar.

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Transformer Oil Coolers Delivered

Pressure Worx announce successful testing and subsequent delivery of 3 large Transformer Oil Coolers down to the Clyde Power Station to close out their contract with Contact Energy.

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Pressure Reduction

Where gas supply pressure is to high for the process, Pressure Worx can design and supply pressure reduction skid to deliver gas at the right temperature and pressure to the process.

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